The idea of moving to a new organization can be paralyzing. However, Clarus Wealth Advisors provides the operational support to make the transition go smoothly and efficiently. Leave the paperwork, ACAT forms and systems to us–our enhanced onboarding experience has been tried and tested by current independent advisor representatives (IAR) who joined our practice.

Clarus Wealth Advisors offers resources, training, and a dedicated Chief Technology Officer to support a seamless transition to an integrated offering that consists of Orion Advisor Solutions, Redtail CRM, eMoney Advisor, and Schwab Advisor Center. Clarus Wealth Advisors has a custodial relationship with Schwab and Fidelity. If you have a custodial relationship elsewhere, negotiations can occur to figure out which custodian is best for you.

Ultimately our goal is to make you feel supported and the transition easy.


Compliance and Technology Support

When switching to a new RIA, compliance and technology is just as important to evaluate. At Clarus Wealth Advisors, we ensure that our in-house compliance process helps you stay within the regulations.


Clarus Wealth Advisors understands how dealing with compliance is not a favorite task. With that being said, it is important to evaluate how compliance works. Compliance is managed in-house and under one roof. With that in mind, things move efficiently through the compliance review process, which makes your life easier.

We utilize Global Relay to help with our compliance process. This software allows us to monitor items behind the scenes, which gives us a lot of control. Our entire goal when it comes to compliance, is to make your life easier, while meeting the requirements of our regulators.


Many broker-dealers give you access to technology, but once an advisor joins, they hold their client data captive. That's not how we do business. Our intention is to allocate money towards protecting your data - not controlling it - which is why our non-proprietary technology is secure, nimble, and responsive to your needs.

We have our own, in-house Chief Technology Officer who holds us to the highest standard of data security and portability. Our model supports almost any financial planning software you currently use - planning, portfolio management, CRM, risk analysis, etc. - and we'll work with you to ensure your tech stack is running smoothly.

Clarus Wealth Advisors uses best in breed technology. The innovative technology that we use ensures efficiency within client relationships and operationally for your daily practices.

When it comes to determining what type of hardware or machine to use, Clarus Wealth Advisors assists you with this matter. Almost all of the programs that Clarus Wealth Advisors use are website driven. Additionally, nearly everything can be completed at a remote location.