Clarus Wealth Advisors, LLC (Clarus) is a Peoria, AZ-based registered investment advisory firm specializing in financial and retirement planning, portfolio management, insurance, business succession planning, and charitable giving. Our experienced team serves as true and transparent partners to our multi-generational clients and financial professionals seeking comprehensive business support. 

Clarus Wealth Advisors has two in-house money managers with over 50 years of combined experience. We offer solutions for both individual clients and financial advisors seeking professionally-managed portfolios. Our portfolio suite is robust and diversified, with solutions appropriate for all account sizes and risk profiles. 

In 2016, Clarus Wealth Advisors was established by Bert Cooper, BCE and Josh Cooper. They sought clarity in fee structure, and the name “Clarus” was chosen to reflect their main goals - clarity and transparency. Thus Clarus Wealth Advisors was born.


Why Clarus



The word “Clarus” has Latin roots and refers to “clarity” and “transparency.” We strive to provide accurate, direct communication and services to our clients in the simplest terms. We value precision and use a straightforward approach in our relationships.



Freedom to do the right thing.

Clarus Wealth Advisors is dually registered as an RIA and broker-dealer affiliate. This means our advisors have the freedom to recommend a balance of investment strategies and insurance products that are in the best interest of their clients - regardless of how they are compensated. This ability to offer holistic planning services, including tax, estate, and legal, is a critical part of our clients’ success.


Integrity built on decades of experience and relationships.

As a family-owned business, building long-term, trusted relationships is the bedrock of what we do. To many of our clients, we aren’t just their advisor - we are an extension of their families, and they trust that we’ll always do right by them.

Our team of money managers has over 50 years of combined experience and our professional network of financial planning, tax, legal, and business management experts is a key factor in our hands-on approach to client and advisor service.


Trust in our people and our process. 

Over the last two decades, our talented team of financial advisors, money managers and operations managers have turned our holistic "FIT" approach into a seamless, proven process. Our advisors trust that we'll always give them the resources they need to serve their clients to the best of their ability.


Clarus and Private Client Services do not offer legal or tax advice.  Please consult with an attorney or tax professional regarding an individual's specific situation.

Who We Serve


Business Owners  

You understand your business better than anyone - so let us help you turn your goals into a reality. Our experienced team of entrepreneurs, investment managers, and business planning professionals acts as a trusted partner to our business owner clients, helping them navigate the complexities of running a company so they can focus on what they do best.

As a business owner, you've built a legacy you're proud of and we want to help you protect it. At Clarus Wealth Advisors, we'll work together with our legal, estate planning, and tax planning team to build a business continuity plan that keeps your company running even after you're gone.


The Multi-Generational Client

“'We manage your financial future the way we manage our own." 

At Clarus Wealth Advisors, we take our responsibility to help shape your financial future seriously. We believe that in order to provide you with the best financial guidance, we must have access to all of the tools and options available. As such, we offer a wide array of managed account portfolios and insurance products, as well as financial, retirement, and estate planning solutions that come together to create a personalized plan for you and your family. 

As a fiduciary - who has promised to work in our clients' best interests - it's our ethical duty to show you exactly how your money is being managed. That is why each of our advisors is fully licensed and our simple, yet advanced technology solutions provide you with a full view of how you're invested.